Scientific Research

Science, scientific research and rational thinking
should always receive the Foundation’s attention and grantmaking support.

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We are interested in programs on the cutting edge of research in specific areas of interest to our Directors that are underfunded or not yet eligible for funding by governmental programs. These programs are typically sponsored by top research institutions which provide quality assurance oversight and accountability that may not be possible in a less structured environment. Further, the programs often involve predoctoral and postdoctoral scientists who are beginning their research careers. We are particularly interested in programs that encourage early-career scientists to remain engaged in research in their field.

Scientific Research grants are made in the following focus areas:

Scientific Research
  • Astrophysics – the study of the behavior, physical properties and dynamic processes of celestial objects and related phenomena.
  • Cosmology – the study of the origin, structure and space-time relationships of the Universe.
  • Evolutionary Developmental Biology – a field of biology which synthesizes embryology, molecular and population genetics, comparative morphology, paleontology and molecular evolution to understand the evolution of biodiversity at a mechanistic level.
  • Geophysics – the study of the physical processes and phenomena occurring in and on the Earth and in its vicinity.
Medical Research
  • We partner with leading medical research institutions to fund programs that seek to develop new, innovative clinical interventions for chronic conditions as well as highly treatable conditions which negatively impact the productivity of large segments of the population.
  • In all cases, we focus our medical research funding in areas that improve the quality of life as distinct from solely extending life.
  • The Foundation does not accept grantseeker inquiries in medical research.