Brinson Exploration Hub

The Brinson Exploration Hub is a unique, collaborative model designed
to support ambitious projects that will deepen our understanding of the universe.

Brinson Exploration Hub, courtesy Lance Hayashida/Caltech ▲

In 2023, leading scientists and engineers from the California Institute of Technology’s (Caltech) campus and the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), which Caltech manages for NASA, worked together to design a unique model for harnessing the expertise and innovative strengths of both institutions to further space exploration and the scientific and technological advances that power it.

The Brinson Foundation provided a one-time $100 million gift to Caltech to launch the Brinson Exploration Hub and support up to three of its projects annually.

The Brinson Hub spans disciplines including astrophysics, observational cosmology, space science, geophysics, robotics and more, to enable transformative breakthroughs. It also achieves a new paradigm, bridging academia, industry, and government so that projects can move expeditiously from ideation and maturation to implementation.

The Brinson Hub is an extension of the Foundation’s ongoing commitment to learning and scientific research. This investment represents the special role philanthropy can play in powering calculated risks that may lead to novel technological innovation and unanticipated discoveries.

Read more about the Brinson Exploration Hub here.

The following five fundamental “pillars” support the strategic vision of the Brinson Exploration Hub:

I.  Implement breakthrough exploration projects that drive scientific and societal benefit.

II.  Produce a new generation of “space savvy” alumni.

III.  Execute with speed, agility, and risk tolerance.

IV.  Seize emerging opportunities in the broader ecosystem of Earth and Space exploration.

V.  Respond to the strategic ambitions of both Caltech and JPL.